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Annual Meeting Documents

2022 Annual Meeting

2022 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

2021 Year End Financials

2022 Annual Budget and Board Member Ballot (printable ballot) (online ballot)

2022 Ransom Canyon Entrance Project 

  • Phase 1 - lot leveling, sprinkler system, rock, pavilion foundation, and sidewalks - completed in 2021

  • Phase 2 - Pavilion, landscaping, and signage

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

2022 Events Committee Annual Report


2021 Annual Meeting 

2021 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

2020 Year End Financials

2021 Annual Budget and Board Member Ballot 

2021 Ransom Canyon Entrance Project Information

2020 Annual Meeting 

Below you will find video and documentation related to our Annual Meeting. 

The POA Board asks that each property owner:

~ View the meeting video

~ Follow along with the reports

~ Read through the Board of Director Candidate Statements

~ Download and print the 2 ballots: Candidate & Budget Approval

~ Mail or drop off completed ballots to the POA mailbox on A Lakeshore Drive or drop off at City Hall by June 15th.








2019-2020 Annual Meeting Presentation-Board Accomplishments(PowerPoint) 

2019-2020 Annual Meeting Presentation-Board Accomplishments (PDF)

2019-2020 Treasurer Report

2019-2020 Ranch House Report

2019-2020 Events Committee Report

Board of Directors Candidate Statements

Board of Director Ballot (return by 6/15)

2020-2021 Budget Approval/Disapproval Ballot (return by 6/15)

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